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The answer to executive information overload

Take your decision making to a new level

Every senior executive has one trait in common: insufficient time to access, intake and process all the information critical to make the right decisions in today's dynamic business environment.


What if you had the ability to discuss your most pressing issues with world-class experts who filter and summarize the most credible sources and critical data and personally deliver it to you with expert commentary and analysis?

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Access the world's best thinkers and ideas

Imagine if you could harness the brainpower of a vetted group of peers to help you challenge, process and act on that critical data.

What if you had access to a state-of-the art digital platform that allowed you to question those experts and peers with the press of a button?

Finally, what if this world-class executive insight service was fully virtual and reasonably priced?


Welcome to Thematiks: the future of executive insight creation and delivery. 

How it works


Select and subscribe

Each of our sectors is led by a world-class thought-leader from the worlds of academia, research or business. These chief strategists are committed to the highest standards of thought leadership and to serving as expert guides and advisors to our subscribers.


Interact and exchange

Each month, you and your executive peers connect live with your sector strategist for a comprehensive teardown of key news and events, an in-depth briefing from an outside expert who will update you on a critical issue, and an outlook for the next three months ahead.


Connect and collaborate

Through our web and mobile platforms, you can exchange assets and information with peers and access selected insights from other sectors. As our list of sectors continues to grow, so does your insight ROI with no increase in your investment.

Meet our sector strategists

Raj Samani

Cyber Risk

Dr. Anat Lechner

Color Innovation

Troels Oerting

Cyber Risk

Dr. Andrey Golubov

M&A Strategy

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Transportation and Logistics

John Blair

Autonomous Mobility

What makes our model special

All sectors are led by a world-class strategist who is committed to creating actionable insights for c-suite leaders.

Web and mobile platforms allow 24/7 benchmark collection, insight exchange, and problem-solving collaboration.

Our experienced team is always available to help expand your sector connections and maximize your subscription ROI.

Our visionary virtual-native operating model strips out the no-value frills, focusing only on critical insight generation and delivery.

Our team has 50+ years of experience working with global leaders, so we understand life in the c-suite and what you need to stay ahead of competitors.

One single subscription provides access to information across all Thematiks sectors. As we grow our sector coverage, your ROI becomes even stronger.

What subscribers say about EIX

It is absolutely essential that I understand what pain-points are causing the most difficulty for companies and executives. The interactions we have every month help me accomplish that goal.

These are insights I would not get anywhere else. I don't have much exposure to digital currency, but I see now what's to come for the US, especially now that I understand how Chinese consumers have a different privacy tolerance level than other countries.

The opportunity to continually share our experience in the working sessions and to listen to industry leaders and guests are proving to be invaluable. It is a fixed agenda in my calendar that I always try not to miss.

I find these deep dives into innovation and impacts on society, governments, environment very interesting. They allow me to think differently about the broader supply chain.

Every member of the sector is someone I'd want to get to know much better - both personally, and on a professional level.

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