A conversation on the pandemic's impact on worker productivity

Featuring Christoph Siemroth, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Essex


Thematiks: On Research presents brief conversations with the authors of the most-viewed posts featured in the newsletter. Yesterday’s post on the impact that the pandemic has had on companies and workers is the most viewed ever on Thematiks. I was fortunate to speak today with one of the paper’s authors, Christoph Siemroth, Ph.D., about the research.

The original post is linked below.

Working from home has been a bad deal for companies and workers
For most corporate leaders, one of the most important debates of the pandemic has been its impact on worker productivity. After all, no one had ever seen anything like the great Work From Office (WFO) to Work From Home (WFH) migration that took place in 2020. As the pandemic comes to an end, a growing divide pits those who want to maintain or even expan…
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