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Too much information ultimately diminishes executive decision-making performance

Executives face more information than they can effectively process on a daily basis, leading to information overload. There's simply a point at which another piece of data or another opinion to consider hurts decision-making performance. Our capacity to find all important data, process it effectively, and make correct decisions is limited.

After two years of research and experimentation, our CEO Carlos Alvarenga wrote this white paper on information overload, in which he addresses how it leads to a loss of competitiveness and offers suggestions for ways to overcome it. To download the white paper, click on the link below.

For more, see Peter G. Roetzel's research on information overload.

Executive information overload is driven by three main forces


Not enough time to process

There are not enough hours in the day to process the information available. It is difficult if not impossible for executives to find time outside of their rigorous schedules to ingest information.


Not enough time to learn

Disruptive technologies can require highly specialized skills to understand. Staying on top of and truly understanding the latest technology requires more time than an executive can dedicate. 


Too many sources

The number of critical issues and information sources are growing faster than ever. Executives are often unaware of where to look for the latest trusted information. 

The Thematiks Platform reduces information overload to optimize executive decision-making

Our platform brings together strategists, specialists, and executives. Each party plays a role in cutting through the noise to arrive at the critical information as quickly as possible. Ongoing dialogue further sparks insight creation.


World-class thought leaders who are committed to guiding executives through complex issues and challenges


True subject-matter experts working at the cutting-edge of research and innovation


Leaders from the best global brands looking for expert innovation, strategic guidance and the latest research

No single solution offers the benefits of the Thematiks platform

Our platform is solely focused on accessible, expert-driven insight generation.  Thematiks offers a unique set of features not available in the market today.

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