Cyber Risk Strategy Cohort

Cyber threats are increasing exponentially. Do you have the insights you need to stay ahead?

Cyber threats aren't going away, and leaders in cyber threat feel an overwhelming sense of information overload. The management of global systems and platforms involves understanding, assessing and managing an ever-growing list of risks, threats and challenges. From general risk strategies to specific technical solutions, to legal aspects to governance and people management, everything needs to be aligned to balance risk with growth and business operations. These challenges are only amplified by today’s turbulent social and online environments.

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The cohort's mission is to equip global cyber security leaders with the personal connections, knowledge and skills required to navigate today's fast-changing technical, business and cyber threat dynamics. Private insight generation among vetted, trusted settings are the perfect antidote for information overload. Subscribers gain unfiltered access to leading minds in cyber security; regular engagements with experts; and vetted peers who are confronting similar challenges.


What we explore

Current attacks

Track targeted attacks over social networks and channels.

Privacy regulation

Understand the evolution of privacy regulations and their impact on risk and security.

Threat tracking

Examine the origin and evolution of ransomware threat actors and vectors.


Investigate the increasing use of misinformation to threaten and/or damage corporations.

Nation-focused cyberattacks

Analyze the nation-state focus of cyberattacks on enterprise networks.

Meet your strategists

Raj Samani

Chief Scientist & McAfee Fellow

McAfee, Inc.

Raj Samani is Chief Scientist and McAfee Fellow for cybersecurity firm McAfee.

Troels Oerting

Chairman, Centre for Cybersecurity

World Economic Forum

Troels Oerting is Chairman of the Board of the Centre for Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum.