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Research on Information Technology and Cybersecurity

New research on consumer credit scoring using online profiling highlights the dramatic impact that our online markers may have in the near future
A new working paper provides a nuanced and real-world framework for understanding how data creates value and competitive advantage
New research examines how information security overload can lead to fatigue and complacency in even the best employees
A new report presents a comprehensive view of how Digital Transformation — a pre-pandemic imperative — evolved in 2020 and is returning to the forefront…
Where is the eBay of data?ew research examines the issues that have hindered the growth of data markets and the models that could soon accelerate their…
Research shows that ignoring the negative effects of information overload can lead to terrible outcomes, especially as decisions fail to correct a…
Ransomware is back in the headlines, which makes this research paper's clear and useful analysis of how it works a valuable primer for business leaders
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