Autonomous Mobility Cohort

The future of mobility is upon us. Are you ready?

OEMs and their suppliers are grappling with a transformation of the auto industry and the automobile industry is ripe for information overload. Established distribution channels are under attack. Newer vehicles are subject to far more commoditization than those of the past, and software platforms are increasingly central to the vehicle user and owner experience. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Alibaba and Baidu have become crucial partners, yet threaten to become future competition.

Subscribers develop the insights to meet these challenges.

The cohort's mission is to equip executives with the insights, essential information, and personal connections required to successfully navigate the technical and strategic realities taking shape. We go beyond the hype and into the underlying technology and economics to develop well-grounded and actionable ideas and seize opportunities that lie outside established design & manufacturing structures.

What we explore

Innovations & their impact

Understand global industry outlook on autonomous mobility innovation and its impact on other related sectors and industries.

New technologies

Analyze the impact of AI and machine learning innovations on autonomous mobility applications.

Infrastructure changes

Explore infrastructure evolution and technical innovation required to fully embrace and enable autonomous mobility.

Platform solutions

Examine the development and deployment of specific platforms required for new private and commercial transport solutions.

Next-generation models

Uncover the next generation of mobility sectors and brands as well as the latest in mobility software and hardware models.

Meet your strategist

John Blair

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Berkeley Research Group​

John Blair specializes in information technology, financial services, intellectual property, and antitrust matters.

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