Thematiks Custom

Custom cohorts with targeted insights

Design a solution for your enterprise's needs

Power your business decisions at all levels by creating a braintrust backed by insight discovery and exchange. Use custom solutions to tackle real-world challenges.

Reduce information overload and eliminate poor decision-making. Customize a cohort for leadership to access the most critical insights from experts in any field.

Use case: Your executive leadership team needs to be brought up to speed on cybersecurity.

Reimagine learning and accelerate talent growth. Cohorts are a highly engaging virtual experience that builds collaborative knowledge, as well as individual skill sets. 

Use case: Your HR team needs to maintain expertise on evolving diversity and inclusion perspectives.

Execute key initiatives with confidence. Design a cohort to prepare for and manage a variety of large projects—from new product introductions to technology deployments.

Use case: Your company decides to adopt blockchain but lacks the capacity to deploy it.

Designed to meet your business challenges

Actionable. Interactive. Exclusive.

Make better decisions, together. Building an enterprise-wide cohort reduces information overload. Our experts discover and close knowledge gaps within your team.

Designed to reduce your business costs

Save $500K and watch your ROI soar

Thematiks Custom reduces the need for and reliance on both costly executive education and consulting. Of course, those are the immediate impacts; the value of better decision-making performance is far greater. 

Built for enterprises looking to change the game.