Ken Taormina

Strategist, Mid-Market M&A

Founder & Vice-Chairman

Cortland Advisors

Ken Taormina is the founder and vice chairman of Cortland Advisors, an advisory firm for mid-market M&A. He advises private companies and PE firms on deals ranging from $20M to $100M and has a vast network of key players in mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital. In his current role, Taormina provides his expertise in the life-cycle process of a deal for both buyers and sellers. 

Taormina has taken on additional leadership positions in connection with his advisory services. For example, for a large private equity client, he took on the role of chief growth officer of a $700M engineering services firm to restructure their sales, marketing, and new business strategy, and drive their M&A of three companies to include a cybersecurity company, a software integration company, and an engineering design firm.  


Prior to founding Cortland Advisors, Taormina created, developed, and grew companies in the professional services areas of government services, global software services, enterprise information systems, and digital Industrial Internet organizations.


Taormina led Accenture’s Products Mobility Business and developed Accenture’s Connected Vehicle Business, worth $225M. He also developed and led Accenture’s Digital Engineering Services business, where he was responsible for the P&L, strategy, M&A, marketing, and delivery services to aerospace, industrial, and resource companies. Taormina has held other senior executive roles at KPMG Consulting, Raytheon, and General Electric. 


Taormina has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Manufacturing twice and has been an elected board member of several public and private technology companies. He also served in the military as a US Army Officer in the US and overseas. 


Taormina holds a BA in Public Administration from Georgetown University, a Masters in Information Systems from American University, and attended the Executive Business Program at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Taormina is based in Orlando, Florida. 

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