What is Thematiks?

Welcome to the Thematiks research site. The origin of this project is a years-long search for an easy way to stay current with the best academic business research. Rather than spend hours looking through business school websites, I wanted one site where we could read translations of great research with real-world business relevance. Unable to find such a resource, I decided to create it.

My Goal

Put simply, the goal of Thematiks is to highlight new and innovative academic business research (almost all peer-reviewed) relevant to senior business leaders in a format that is easy to understand.

My Methodology

My sources are primarily the research libraries of the world’s premier business schools and high-impact-factor research journals and publications. Though most research comes from scholars in the U.S. and Europe, you will also find research from Australia, China, the Middle East, Singapore, etc. In short, I cast a wide net. Quality and relevance—not school brand—are the primary drivers of selection.

After selecting a relevant research paper, I summarize and contextualize it, complementing it, where appropriate, with our thoughts and references, i.e., it is “translated” for a business audience from the original academic format which is typically not practitioner-friendly.

To ensure quality, I always share our translations with a paper’s authors to ensure the accuracy of analysis and summarization. For selected posts, I record brief conversations with authors to provide you with direct insights into their research and findings. These recordings are found at the bottom of each post.


If you are a scholar or researcher and want us to feature your work on DEI Research, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to review your research and, if requested, to provide feedback from a practitioner’s perspective.


You can me at calvaren@icloud.com

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I am a full-time independent researcher and author and author of "The Rules of Persuasion" (Post Hill Press, 2023). Previously, I was a Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business.
Carlos A. Alvarenga is an independent researcher, writer, and coach. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric at the University of Maryland.