Color Design & Science Cohort

The science of color can to unlock new possibilities for your brand. Are you prepared to lead them?

The human eye can see millions of different colors. Choosing the right one for your next initiative or product line is crucial. Making a well-informed color decision can impact your bottom line for years to come. Our mission is to equip global color professionals with the network, knowledge and skills required to navigate today's fast-changing world of color design and science.

Subscribers develop the insights to make smart decisions.

The cohort's mission is to equip executives with the insights, essential information, and personal connections required to successfully navigate the technical and strategic realities taking shape. We go deep into the science of color to see what trends are on the horizon, and which are to be avoided.

What we explore

Data and analytics

Understand how to best apply data and analytics to develop and deploy a color strategy.

The color industry

Examine the global color industry outlook and its impact on different sectors and organizations.

New technologies

Explore AI and machine learning innovations and their impact on color design, chemistry and applications.

New research

Analyze the newest and most pertinent research on color innovation and potential future applications.

Investments & platforms

Uncover the latest developments in color technology investments and platforms.

Meet your strategist

Anat Lechner, PhD

Professor of Management, Stern School of Business
New York University

Anat Lechner, PhD, is the co-founder of HUEDATA, a color research and consulting company, and a Professor of Business Management at the Stern School of Business at New York University. 

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