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Market dynamics are changing at unprecedented rates. Do you have the insights you need?

Today’s finance executives must confront many more challenges those of the past. They need to be partners to the business, arming leaders with the information they need to be agile, while simultaneously anticipating the economic and financial landscapes of tomorrow. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced finance leaders had to intake more information at an unprecedented rate to reinvent forecasting and scenario planning. In short, leaders of finance are coping with information overload like never before.

Subscribers don't just keep up; they flourish.

The cohort's mission is to equip executives with the insights, essential information, and personal connections required to navigate today's rapidly evolving economic and financial environments. Subscribers gain unfiltered access to one of the leading minds in economics; regular engagements with experts from academia and think tanks; and vetted peers who are confronting similar challenges.

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What we explore

Digitization and the economy

Explore the role of digitization on consumer demand, corporate policies, and financing.

Global supply chains

Analyze and integrate economic and financial data about post-COVID economies and supply chains.

Geopolitics and global trade

Understand the rebalancing of global trade flows and the impact this will have on industries and operating models.

Monetary and fiscal policy

Analyze the impacts of monetary and fiscal policy in the public and private sectors, and the impact they will have on future growth across regions.

Trends in corporate funding

Understand emerging changes in corporate funding trends. Align with new global, social and economic priorities.

Meet your strategist


Michael Weber, PhD

Associate Professor of Finance, Chicago Booth School of Business

University of Chicago

Michael Weber, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Finance at Chicago Booth School of Business, as well as a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research in the Monetary Economics and Asset Pricing groups.

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