Wolfgang Lehmacher

Strategist, Supply Chain & Logistics

Director Emeritus, Supply Chain & Transport Industries

World Economic Forum

As strategist of the Supply Chain & Logistics Cohort, as well as its Channel, Wolfgang Lehmacher guides business leaders through critical issues related to supply chain, trade, transportation, and logistics. He sets the agenda and invites experts to go deep on an issue with the purpose of sparking insights for subscribers.


Lehmacher is thought leader, technology evangelist and practitioner in the field of supply chain, transport and logistics. He has been involved in various major change initiatives and business transformations in the supply chain industry. He is a recognized writer and speaker. Important roles during his career include President and CEO of GeoPost Intercontinental and Member of the Executive Board at GeoPost, the express parcel holding of French La Poste, and Director Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum.


Lehmacher is convinced that a performant supply chain, transport and logistics sector is the prerequisite for growth and wealth, prosperity and peace. In light of degrading environmental and social conditions, his aim is to promote well balanced business models at the nexus of economy, society, and environment. Sustainable business, global integration and collaboration are at the core of his interests. His numerous publications explain and stress the importance of supply chain, transport and logistics for economy and society as well as the need for the continuous transformation of the global economy towards a more circular and regenerative model. 


Lehmacher has contributed numerous articles to various publications and blogs, including Financial Times, Nikkei Asian Review, Business Insider, World Economic Forum Agenda, and BVL. In addition, Lehmacher authored and co-authored several papers, such as "How Technology Can Unlock the Growth Potential along the New Silk Road," “Blockchain Technology for Ports," "Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains" and "TradeTech: A New Age for Trade and Supply Chain Finance."

Lehmacher is based in Hong Kong.

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