Supply Chain & Logistics Cohort

Supply chain and logistics are changing at unprecedented rates. Do you have the insights you need?

COVID-19 shined a spotlight on the global supply chain like never before, and operators found themselves under increased scrutiny. At the same time, the strain placed on the sector created opportunities and shortened the timeline on a number of new technologies and solutions. As a result, business leaders in T&L are coping with information overload like never before. They not only must maintain operations but also anticipate changes, act offensively, and decide which up-and-coming platforms will best position their operations in the future.

Subscribers don't just keep up; they flourish.

The cohort's mission is to equip executives with the insights, essential information, and personal connections required to navigate today's dynamic transportation and logistics landscape. Subscribers gain unfiltered access to one of the leading minds in logistics; regular engagements with experts from academia, startups, and VCs; and vetted peers who are confronting similar challenges.

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What we explore

Networks and geopolitics

Understand and anticipate geopolitical trends with the goal of planning stronger networks.

Modes and capacity

Explore how multi-modal strategy and other factors influence capacity constraints, as well as where capacity is likely to change in the future.

New tech and solutions

Assess emerging and innovative technologies and business models and learn how they could benefit your company.

Social and environmental

Examine key social and environmental challenges such as labor shortages, decarbonization strategies, climate agreements, and impact investing.

Global risk and resilience

Analyze global operational and political risk factors and learn resiliency strategies that can mitigate them.

Meet your strategist

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Director Emeritus, Supply Chain & Transport Industries

World Economic Forum

​Wolfgang Lehmacher is a thought leader, business angel, advisor, and practitioner in the supply chain and logistics space, previously working as Director of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum.

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