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The Thematiks app contains in-depth technical content channels curated by our strategists. You get innovative insights on the issues shaping the world straight from our strategists.

Features and Benefits

The Thematiks app gives you access to:

  • 13 specialized expert channels

  • 3 general content channels

  • Global, relevant content

  • Message or follow other subscribers

  • Polls and surveys

  • Courses and learning opportunities

  • Web, iOS, and Android platforms

  • A platform free from ads, bots, and sponsored content

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Starting from


Thematiks Pro unites industry leaders, specialist guests, and a small cohort of vetted professionals for live, expert-led exchanges. Explore the cohorts to join these essential conversations.

Features and Benefits

Everything in the Thematiks app, plus:

  • Access to a private Pro channel with your strategist and a vetted professional community

  • Direct communication with channel strategists and expert guests

  • Specialized executive-level content

  • Ability to create posts, initiate discussions and survey subscribers

  • Monthly virtual working sessions with strategists and expert guests

  • Ability to shape the agenda

  • Recordings of past expert interviews

  • Opportunity to grow you global peer network

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Price varies

Thematiks Custom channels are bespoke. Experts provide your company with a custom information feed and interactive content that meet your specific needs.

Features and Benefits

Everything in the Thematiks app and Digital, plus:

  • Specially-designed channel topic, agenda and content tailored to your objectives

  • Working session schedule and format that suits your calendar

  • Option to give access to select leaders or your entire organization

  • Content to reuse in corporate learning 

  • All content visible only to your participants