Interactive insight discovery, led by experts

Join industry leaders, specialist guests, and a small cohort of vetted professionals for live, expert-led exchange that creates actionable insights.

How Insights Briefings work

Filter the signal from the noise

Each Insights Briefing is powered by a cohort of executive peers. Sessions are designed to be succinct, interactive, and virtual. What makes this model so successful is direct access to the strategist, an invited specialist guest, and an exclusive group of your peers. All content is original, exclusive, and available to cohort members in live and archived recordings.


Issue review

Strategist-led review of the most important issues, research and and news of the past thirty days, always with context.


Specialist briefing

Deep dive into a critical issue led by the strategist and featuring a selected expert guest.


Peer review

An opportunity for members to challenge the strategist and guest expert and ask additional questions.


Forward view

A look forward at the most important issues and news events that will influence the the industry in the next ninety days.


Access to industry leaders

Led by our strategists, each Insights Briefing is powered by a cohort of executive peers. All content is original, exclusive, and available to cohort members in live and archived sessions.

Active and upcoming executive cohorts

Connect with an exclusive group of industry peers

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Join Anat Lechner, PhD, a world-class color thought leader who identifies and explores the innovations driving the dynamics of today's color design, production and analytics strategies and techniques.


Join McAfee Chief Scientist Raj Samani and Chairman of the World Economic Forum's Centre 4 Cybersecurity, Troels Oerting, as they track the next generation of digital actors and threats to protect your company's critical information and infrastructure.


Join Michael Weber, PhD, of the University of Chicago as he navigates the turbulence and uncertainty of today's global landscape with the right understanding of market signals and dynamics. 


Join Emanuela Prandelli, PhD, of SDA Bocconi School of Management, as she analyzes the latest developments impacting luxury and premium brands. Deepen your understanding of the forces impacting deal this fascinating global business sector.


Join Wolfgang Lehmacher, Director Emeritus of Supply Chain Industries at the World Economic Forum, to track the changing dynamics, capacities and risks across modalities to optimize the movement of your goods and materials.

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Attendance among time-strapped executives is impressive. On average, 93% of cohort members attend sessions.

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